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Ancient Mythos
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 Feoxxo App

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PostSubject: Feoxxo App   Sun Jun 24, 2018 11:13 am

About You

Alias: Blue

Age: 17

Your Muse

Name: Feoxxo Nighdo

Age: 20

Biography: Feoxxo is the daughter of the powerful Ko, Leluna Nighdo. Thusly she takes after him ability wise, yet she still goes to the acadamy. At times her magic can be a bit unstable, acting stronger or weaker then her desired intent. Even while having so much power, Fe oxxo is a king and gentle soul. She tends to be a lot more pacifistic compared to her family members, but Feoxxo is no stranger to violence, especially around Kizura. She ran away from home once, it took a couple days before they realized she didnt actually run away, but she was actually at Kizuras house. She just didnt tell anyone she was going.
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Feoxxo App
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