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Ancient Mythos
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 Races Of the world tbc

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PostSubject: Races Of the world tbc   Races Of the world tbc Icon_minitimeFri Jun 15, 2018 5:50 pm

Ame: An elf like race who are descended from an ancient race of vampires and birds of paradise. They reside in the Kingdom Of Amedwrawria. They will eventually evolve into tengu and therefore are born with wing buds on their backs that will grow into full wings once they hit adulthood. Their race is made up of males, divided into Noble and Sacrifice, the Noble or Yor meaning He Who Sires Life/Protects Life. Sacrifice or Kotomi meaning He Who Births Life/Sacrifices Life. Kotomi are born with a many lipped entrance between their legs, they are normally darker haired and have shorter ears. The Yor are usually shorter, have longer, lighter colored hair and longer ears. This is not always the case however. Their children are called Pups, and they make nests inside their dens made of soft materials.

Locos Verde: The elven race born of the flaming fury of the earth dragons. They are descended from they and the sand spirits of Los Locos. They sport scales along their bodies, translucent but different colors depending on the elf. They formed into an empire of warriors, after taking over the empire of Tyereii, killing the old rulers, destroying the cities and the citadels and turning it into a desert. They love to fight, each baring horns on their heads. The males of their species are called Vak, they are large with horns that can reach 6 feet. Standing only a foot shorter, the ones who birth the children are known as Rli. Their children are called Hatchlings. They make nests on rocks, blowing flame into the oven like structure to keep their eggs warm or cooled. Rli are normally lighter haired nd scaled than their brutish larger mates. However a Rli is the one to fear if angered.

Tarn Dragons: Dragons not associated with any kingdom, males are called Eraga, those who birth are called Sunas.

Witches Of Xie: Witches from the Kingdom of Luan Xie. They are a crafty race. As a mortal race, males are Lo, and females are known as Li

Fairies: They exist allover the planet Lililum. They are as tall as elves and exist as they do. The sires are Datura, the ones who birth are Verxina

Sprites: many variations of sprites exist

Tarn Werewolves Werewolves who escaped being murdered by the Locos Verde, when they destroyed the empire of Tyreii. They were used as slaves, bodyguards, pack mules, pets and servants by the human population in the Tyreii empire. After the humans were wiped out by the Tyreii elves, they used the werewolves as well as bodyguards and soothsayers. Males are bigger than females, males are called Nari, females are called Daru.

Tyreiin: An exiled people, they live mainly in the Kingdom Of Crows in refugee camps. They were once a proud and aristocratic people, an elf race that prided itself in decadence. Sires are called Kyousei, those who birth are called Ritsukai.
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Races Of the world tbc
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