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Ancient Mythos
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 Praise Sithis

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PostSubject: Praise Sithis   Sun Jun 24, 2018 1:04 pm

About You

Alias: Calypso

Age: Admin

Your Muse

Name: Sithis Psijii, The Dread Father

Age: 8 eons

Biography: He was Lelaru's guardian...

Sithis is the son of the Goddess of creation Nefer. He is an evil elven deity in his own right and he watched over the planet Lililum with a keen eye after his mother's murder and his subsequent devouring of her body. He loved his mother more than the creatures she created. This led him to take on a form within the land of Amedwrawria, to stay close to who he believed was her reincarnation, The Demonic Cultivator Lelaru, known in the mortal world as The Necro King Of Corpses, a necromancer who could raise the dead in a way none had ever seen before. Pleased by this Sithis dedicated his life to Lelaru, and upon the other's murder and being devoured by his son Selnas, Sithis became the boy's guardian and stand in father figure. Sithis is an old god with the power to do many things, but his sole purpose now is maintain balance between the dead and those who use them. For now.
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Praise Sithis
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